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Trade fairs and congresses are carried out online with ever-increasing frequency. Many events of this kind are organized in a hybrid format — i.e. physically at a specific location and as a live stream or as an event on the Internet. Others take place exclusively on the web. Bringing these events to participants’ computers or smartphones requires specific expertise and extensive technical infrastructure. One of the expert partners who can assist trade fair organizers with broadcasting their online events is Negus Messe Service GmbH.

Advantages of an online trade fair

Virtual events are becoming more and more popular now. They are a good alternative or addition to conventional events. The Covid pandemic has clearly reinforced this trend, and even after the pandemic subsides, they are unlikely to lose their popularity. Such events make it much easier to reach larger audiences and, if carried out exclusively virtually, are usually considerably less expensive than on-site events.

How a virtual event works

There is a difference between hybrid and purely virtual events. Hybrid events — such as a trade fair — normally take place on location that interested people visit in person. A part of these trade fairs, such as certain presentations or lectures, are broadcast live on the Internet or can be streamed online later. A purely virtual trade fair, on the other hand, takes place exclusively in virtual space. A virtual showroom or a virtual trade fair stand are often set up for this purpose. And a virtual 3D tour can leave an especially deep impression.

In the showroom or on the 3D tour, viewers can explore the presented exhibits or services just like at a real trade fair. Furthermore, they can contact the exhibitors and get all the information they need.

Anyone who wants to organize a virtual trade fair needs appropriate equipment and software as well as a qualified team of professionals. This team must have considerable expertise in professional live broadcasting, film editing, animation programs and computer programming.

The service range of Negus Messe Service GmbH.

Our team of professionals has a high level of expertise in all aspects of organizing hybrid events or purely virtual trade fairs. In the past, we have managed to organize numerous events of this kind to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

We are your trade fair partner!

If you, too, need support in organizing an online trade fair, we would be delighted to assist you. Furthermore, we are also experts in construction of conventional trade fair stands.

If you need a trade fair stand that is both functional and visually appealing and has all kinds of state-of-the-art supporting technical equipment, we are the right partner for you.